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UBO Detector

UBO Detector is a cluster-based white matter hyperintensity (WMH) extraction pipeline based on k-nearest neighbors (k-NN) algorithm, using T1-weighted and Fluid Attenuation Inversion Recovery (FLAIR) MRI sequences.

System Requirements

UBO Detector has been tested on both CentOS release 6.8 and macOS Sierra with the following software/toolboxes installed:

  • SPM12

  • FSL v5.0

  • MATLAB R2016a or above with the following toolboxes installed:

    • Image Processing Toolbox (ver 9.5 tested)
    • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox (ver 11.0 tested)
    • Parallel Computing Toolbox (ver 6.9 tested)


If you use UBO Detector, please cite:

Jiang, J., Liu, T., Zhu, W., Koncz, R., Liu, H., Lee, T., Sachdev, P.S., Wen, W. UBO Detector – A cluster-based, fully automated pipeline for extracting white matter hyperintensities. NeuroImage, (2018).

If you use TOPMAL, please cite:

Jiang, J., Paradise, M., Liu, T., Armstrong, N. J., Zhu, W., Kochan, N. A., Brodaty, H., Sachdev, P. S., Wen, W. The association of regional white matter lesions with cognition in a community-based cohort of older individuals, NeuroImage: Clinical 19:14-21, (2018).

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